“Dead Saints” is the lead single from Vancouver native, KAi Sky Walker’s up coming release, New Mind- Old Soul: Chapter IV. Kai’s turbulent life experiences are vocalized in his lyrics, giving insight to the classic starting from the bottom story line. After dropping out of school at the age of sixteen KAi spent the next three years homeless,with no place to call his own. Seeking refuge, KAi spent this period of time crashing at friend’s places and sleeping in McDonald parking lots. It was during this trying time that KAi truly found his gift as an artist, recording his first project A Day in the Life.

Sky Walker is back at it again as he prepares to release New Mind- Old Soul: Chapter IV. The lead single,”Dead Saints”features guest verses from Rich Kidd and Moka Only.The trio showcase their talents lyrically over a smooth jazz influenced beat produced by Stevie Ross.”Dead Saints”presents the listener to the various stages an aspiring Hip-Hop artists goes through in the industry.The track begins with a hungry Sky Walker, followed by Rich Kidd,(one of Canada’s rising starts) before concluding the Moka Only, a seasoned veteran in Canadian Hip-Hop.

KAi Sky Walker’s talent and grind is too strong to go unnoticed. Enjoy “Dead Saints” and follow a star in the making. Share your thoughts on this track, I hope you dig “Dead Saints” as much as I have.