[Video] 2 Chainz – “U Da Realest” (Dir: Sharod Marcus Simpson)

College Park, Georgia rapper 2 Chainz has released his newest music video for the track “U Da Realest” off of his second solo albumĀ B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. We’ve seen some interesting and unique videos in the past from 2 Chainz, such as “Birthday Song” or “I’m Different,” but this time 2 Chainz tones down the insanity to celebrate the life of his lost friend.

The video begins with a 30 second, black and white interlude where we see a man outside of a parking lot in a shouting match with another man before introducing the song itself. The man in the war of words is Puerto Rican Johnny, whose life is remembered throughout this video. The camera fades away from this tense scene to a much happier and lively setting where we see 2 Chainz as well as loads of other kids and adults gathered in a public park sporting Puerto Rican flags and enjoying the day. There are barbecue pits grilling mass amounts of meat and vehicle of every type placed throughout the scene. All the people shown have turned up to 2 Chainz music video shoot to remember the memory of their departed friend and celebrate his life.

There are other points in this video that focus away from the crowd and instead shows us a one on one with 2 Chainz, who is walking along the cemetery path towards the place where his friend lies. As he puts a flower in a vacant vase at the gravesite you get the feeling that, even through the good times, it’s still hard to get over the loss of a close friend. This music video is less about the glitz and glamour of what can be done with the effects in the editing stage and more a dedication to the person who brought happiness to all the people who showed up for this party. It’s evident that Puerto Rican Johnny touched a lot of hearts because there are countless amounts of his peers who showed up sporting either Puerto Rican flags or home made shirts to commemorate his memory in their own way.

The track itself isn’t the best when it comes to lyrical content but when it comes to a song like this it’s more about the thought put into it then the song itself. 2 Chainz was just remembering a friend in his own way, and even though his physical being might be gone, his soul lives in his friends and family.

“I done seen them ball/I done seen them fall/Rest in peace to my n***a, you da realest dawg.” – 2 Chainz