[Audio] Kid Cudi – “Satellite Flight”

I’m excited about Kid Cudi’s brand new track “Satellite Flight” for many good reasons that I’d like to share with you: First, Cudi recently announced that “Satellite Flight” will be off his new EP Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon. Second, for all us Cudders out there, this track is extremely reminiscent of Cudi’s usual moody droney-ness and overwhelming spacey instrumentals that we all love and remember from his Man on the Moon series.

With that being said, I have an announcement to make: Cudi is officially back to space. The EP Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon will be a prelude to Man On the Moon 3. However, there are no details on the release date, except that it will drop with only 24 hour notice. I have to say, I am so unbearably excited for the next Man On the Moon album; I listened to Man On the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager more than any other album I bought in 2010. Hopefully we can keep up the tradition.