[Mixtape] Crimxon – “The City or Champagne”

Crimxon is a 19 year old artist from Toronto, and The City or Champagne is his new debut project. What I really love about this mixtape is how versatile Crimxon is. He changes up each track, weaving back and forth from rap to R&B, even throwing in some autotune and mysterious-sounding vocals such as on “Last Night” that reminds me of The Weeknd’s Echoes of Silence. There’s several slower songs with sleepy, extended beats that sound like Crimxon is influenced by Drake’s newer albums, in particular Crimxon’s track “She Said” that sounds like Drizzy’s “Farthest Thing” or even “Marvin’s Room”. I could actually play The City or Champagne all day; the mixtape throws you into a dark, consuming trance that will still have you singing the hooks when (or if) you can come out of it.