[Audio] Jyrome Good – “Ocean 2” (Prod: Eric Dingus)

Jyrome Good is a singer/songwriter from Brampton, Ontario who is preparing to release his debut project, Ethereal. “Ocean 2” (Produced by Eric Dingus from Texas) is a silky-smooth gorgeous track with a spacey, zoning production. Each time the hook, “show me baby what you know” is repeated it feels as if you are being taken into different rooms within the track- every minute or so the experience changes, from slow echoings to subtle trap beats over an R&B harmony, to nothing but instrumentals. “Ocean 2” makes me feel like I’m listening to an entire album all in one song; it’s the perfect track to listen to if you’re in the mood to wind down or just take a quick break from reality. With this blend of multiple influences, “Ocean 2” is boundless, dabbling into soul, hip-hop, R&B, and as his debut album promises, the ethereal.