[Video] Monty C. Benjamin – “The Main Ingredient” (Dir: Arkane Beats)

Monty C. Benjamin’s video “The Main Ingredient”, presented by Khimera Records is a pretty cool video. Actually, it’s brilliant. Monty takes us through the eras of hip-hop, starting from the 80’s to present day, paying homage to the legends of each decade in a unique way. I love the jazzy instrumental, laid-back vibe and the smoothness of Monty’s rhymes- not only does it make it a fantastic track, but it fits the theme of the video extremely well. This song is light-hearted and upbeat, and you take away the same feeling by watching the video. Monty himself seems like a real chill guy- he doesn’t take himself too seriously and has fun with it. It’s pretty amusing to watch him adapt and switch up his wardrobe with each hip-hop era that the video shows. This guy is extremely talented, take a look and listen for yourself. This is just the beginning for Monty- his mixtape Yo! MCB Raps drops January 3rd, 2014.