[Video] Izzy Jone$ ft. Sigma – “Hold it Down” (Dir: Isaiah T. Anderson)

“Hold it Down” is the first single from 16-year old artist/producer Izzy Jone$’ upcoming EP Nature due Spring 2014. This video is a sonically dizzying, colourful spectrum fantasy- just like the song. The combination of listening to and watching the video for “Hold it Down” makes me feel like I’m in a dream-like, nightmarish fairytale that is as exciting as it is haunting. Alongside the whisperings of voices telling him to go to college and voice warps, Izzy Jone$ took me by surprise when he begins rapping- he’s got great flow and maturity. As we can take away from this video, Izzy Jone$ is a colour fanatic; not only is he a musician, mastering over 16 different instruments, he also is infatuated with the process of colour design in clothing and is always thinking outside the boundaries of what hip-hop music and video production are “supposed” to be.