[Mixtape] Rakeem Miles – “Depression”

Rakeem Miles Depression

Depression is the new mixtape from the very talented Rakeem Miles of Organic Geniuses, a world-wide hip-hop collective. Rakeem, from Baltimore, MD, takes it back old school in this mixtape with a boom bap production made popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s (he even titles his song, “Boom Bap” in honour). What makes Depression even greater is Rakeem’s courageous tackling of some very serious subjects: In “Intro”, it’s historical racism; in “World”, it’s the stereotypes of race and violence; “Humanity and Soul” is about abandonment and the importance of brotherhood, and “Views of Society” highlights the need for equality. While Depression is a laid-back mixtape, it really makes you think about the situations going on around you in society.

Rakeem Miles really does something great with this mixtape. It isn’t just a reflection of his talent- it’s a message about some of the most critical issues going on in communities, society, and the world overall. He uses, as he says in “World”, his musical platform to get the message of racial equality and societal reform heard.

You can download Depression here.