[Video] Syph – “Pour Up/ Gone Off That” (Dir: Zac Facts)

Syph - Pour Up & GoneOff That

I’ve been waiting on this one for a minute! Syph has been working on his Rookie Of The Year mixtape, and I think it’s safe to say we can expect it sometime soon because he just released the first visuals off the project for no only one, but two tracks titled “Pour Up” and “Gone Off That”. If you haven’t been able to take in Syph’s music yet, he’s done a few features with Sese this year that just past, released a collaboration mixtape with Littles The General “Perfect Strangers” – which we may see a volume two for this year – as well a ton of other singles via Youtube with other NMG artists such as Keegan Da’Niro. Take in Syph’s first release off Rookie Of The Year “Pour Up” and “Gone Off That” and be on the lookout for the whole thing soon!