[Audio] Minty Burns ft. Deuce Wonder – “Emotions” (Prod: Chase N. Cashe)

Minty Burns Emotions

Minty Burns has dropped “Emotions”, another single following “Already Gone”. Hailing from Toronto, Minty has now teamed up with A&R man Gully from Cinematic Music Group for his newest project, The Golden Ticket, which drops soon. The Golden Ticket will include production from Chase N Cashe, Arthur McArthur, Wondagurl, and Rich Kidd, amongst others. I am a big fan of Minty- everything he brings to the table is refreshing, relatable, and unconventional. He binds unfamiliar beats, voices, and sounds with hip-hop, and “Emotions” brings them together so perfectly. The title sums up the experience; it’s a starry, laid-back song with emotionally charged words, with Deuce Wonder owning the hook with his conflicted, slow-tempo, dream-like voice: “What is this emotion, that’s got me feeling down?/ It seems to me, it only comes whenever you’re around/ So tell me why I want you with me now?” I cannot wait for the release of The Golden Ticket– everything Minty does is promising. While I wait, I’ll be keeping this track on replay.