[Mixtape] Contra – “Code Name: Gameboyz”

Contras Code Name Gameboyz
Contra has dropped their new project Code Name: Game Boyz, produced by Disciples Projection and including beats from DJ Kleancut, Frontier, Dungeon, Sarkastik, Le Chum, and many others. Ludo Lopez and Niño Malo are 2 latin emcees from Montreal; their mixtape combines different genres of Hip-Hop including Latin and Spanish flows as well as Reggaeton that gives you the most multi-dimentional hip listening experience- it’s incredible how these guys blend their genres so seamlessly. Right off “Intro”, we hear the familiar childhood Nintendo tones before Contra launches into their album titled track, “Game Boyz”. What I really like about this mixtape is not just the chill, calming vibe you get throughout every track, but how amazingly versatile each song is without Contra losing their signature style. Some songs, like “Time Of My Life” and “Si No Te Desea” include Spanish verses, while “Petit Quelque Chose” represents their Montreal hometown. However, my favourites include “These Eyes”, which samples The Guess Who, “Take Me Out”, a hip-hop/reggaeton track, and “Funny Money”, one of the more rap-heavy songs on the mixtape. You can see the work Contra put into Code Name: Gameboyz, and they produced an awesome mixtape that showcases their talents in every genre they cover. I can’t wait what’s next from them.

(via Contra)