[Audio] Young Flama – “Lyrical Message”

Lyrical Message Young Flama

Wow. So this is a track from the amazing Aussie 14-year old Akwesi Afoakwah, also known by his stage name, Young Flama. “Lyrical Message” is great track about motivation, success, and peace amongst the streets, society, and each other. Young Flama is wise beyond his years, throwing down some serious lines that both moved and surprised me, my favourite being, “We all looking for fights/ We all wanna ignite the terror/ If things were to get better/ Hip-Hop is more than making the cheddar”. I admire his ability to address the issues going on around us, especially in regards to money and Hip-Hop. Towards the end of the track, he leaves us with a mature and comforting message: “We all living in hate/ We all living in terror/ Now put your hands together/ Cause everything will be better”. Yes, this boy is hyperaware of his surroundings and really knows how to communicate them through his music. “Lyrical Message” is off Young Flama’s upcoming EP titled Hopes and Dreams.