[EP] Elaquent – “Green Apples and Oranges”

Elaquent - Green Apples and Oranges

Few producers are consistently making better music than Elaquent right now. The Guelph, Ontario HW&W beatsmith just dropped his Green Apples and Oranges EP, an eight-track instrumental journey through jazz, soul, and of course, hip-hop. Some of the EP’s tracks are already familiar: standouts “The Official,” “Aurora” (link above), and “Treehome 94 1/2” all make appearances. The others (“Alone At Last,” “Oreos,” “The Little Things You Do,” “Almost There,” and “Sayonara”) showcase a new side of Elaquent, as he experiments with different synths and sounds. For more on Elaquent, make sure to read our interview with him. Stream and purchase Green Apples and Oranges below.

“I wanted to flesh out certain ideas a little further and play with a few new synths I was testing out. Like most of my albums, all of the songs hold some type of meaning to me on a personal level, and I’m always challenging myself to express myself as honestly as possible with every record.

All in all, I definitely believe more thought and effort went into this album. Furthermore, I was real happy to team up with a couple producers I have the utmost respect for on a pair of songs, in Esta (Soulection) and Budamunk (Jazzy Sport).

I think this one exercises a little more restraint, rather than keeping things sloppy just for the sake of being sloppy. All of the tracks are approached more like full songs than some of the earlier works. Definitely has its share of wonkiness though, but the focus of this album was to be a little more melodic than Parallel.

I think there are a couple songs that may surprise people, given what people are used to hearing from me. I think people will see that I did try to experiment a little more on a few songs and I’m proud of the fact that I did step outside of my comfort zone on a few songs.” – Elaquent