[Audio] Minty Burns ft. Trademark Da Skydiver – “Shisha Monster”

Shisha Monster

Another great track from Minty Burns. “Shisha Monster” has a summery, Califorinia-esque flow that’s about a beautiful, carefree socialite who loves, as the title suggests, Shisha.
“Convertible lifestyle/ Life quite ‘Wow/…Daddy got her back/ Condo and a whip/ She do s*** to get attention/ Instagramming pics/ I come all the way from Canada and visit as she trippin’/ Anybody in their right mind would never let her slip” Minty spits about an irresistible, yet materialistic girl. “Shisha Monster” is a easy-going track that really took me out of my winter funk while listening to it (It also makes me want to move to the West Coast).

Minty Burns is on a role with new singles. He debuted his first track, “Already Gone” off his upcoming project, The Golden Ticket. Be sure to take a listen and tell me what you think.