[Mixtape] Cottoy – “The Journey”


I’ve always respected an artist who is in full control of their work, making sure their sound remains their own with no compromises. With the easy access to content on the internet, countless artists pull random instrumentals off the web, lay their bars on them and call it a mixtape. With the overflow of copy and paste music available online, it’s refreshing to come across a legitimate body of work. The Journey is a free EP that is written, recorded and produced by Toronto MC, Cottoy. The Journey EP is a nice collection of Hip-Hop and R&B tracks themed around self-empowerment and self-improvement. Cottoy’s contrast between smooth rhymes and catchy melodies give this EP maximum replay value, offering a track for whatever mood you’re feeling. Cottoy elaborated on the recording process for his latest EP saying, “I am really proud of this project because it was my first studio album. I feel like I’ve came along way from back when i was in college just making beats and cool songs with my roommates to now actually songwriting and working as an actual producer not just a beat maker.”

Cottoy shared his final thoughts on what he has in stored for listeners in 2014, stating that,” I strongly believe in the D.I.Y method and everyone who is intrigued with the sound of “Cottoy” i’d like to let them know that this is just the beginning and there will be an enormous amount of tracks this year with Cottoy’s hands apart of them.”

Make sure you check out Cottoy’s project The Journey,and show support for any artists like Cottoy who endorse the “do it yourself” method of recording.