[Audio] Erika Kayne – “Heart for Sale” (Prod: CaseBoogieATL)

Heart for sale Erika Kayne

Erica Kayne is a true artist. In her current single, “Heart for Sale”, she blends some realistic, powerful lyrics about a lying man, and a strong women who finally kicks him to the curb and moves on. Kayne really hits home for lots of people, men and women alike. My favourite part of the track hands down: “I’m putting your ass back out on the market/ You hit the bullseye with me but you couldn’t keep the target/ So it’s a wrap now baby/ You can drop the act now baby/ You can go and pack now”. Awesome, right?

Not only is Erika a real artist, but she’s made her past struggles open to the public in order to save lives. After serving a one-year sentence for weapons charges, Kayne has been working with the PSA to launch her own campaign, “Think Before You Act”, in order to warn youth against making wrong choices. Alongside Talkeye Jackson, for Vyrus Films, “Think Before You Act” was released via social media outlets. In the video below for the project, we see the gritty reality of jail, dispelling notions that make jail, unfortunately seem glamourous to some. After the video, take a listen to “Heart for Sale” below- this may give you that push you need to kick that liar to the curb once and for all!