Kardinal Offishall and Danny Fernandes tore the roof down earlier this month as the Wave welcomed the two Canadian superstars to be a part of Westerns Purple Frost event. Kardinal and Danny have been holding it down as ambassadors for Canadian entertainers respectively for many years. Kardinal broke into the scene 20 plus years ago seeing great billboard success. Danny has been holding it down on his own as far as Canadian pop music goes, holding numerous smash hits to his name. The Wave welcomed the duo in with open arms Thursday January 9th, and all show goers were treated to two plus hours of live entertainment.

Though it was a modest crowd in attendance, both Fernandes and Kardi brought the same amount of energy you would expect to see at any stadium concert. The intimate setting allowed for the pair to interact with their loyal fans, making it a memorable night for all in attendance.

At 11:00 o’clock, Danny Fernandes and his band stepped out to the Wave stage, setting the tempo for the night. Though the contrast between hip-hop artist and pop artist can seem as a contradiction, Danny took control of the stage bringing both fans of each respected genre together through a well-orchestrated set. Danny’s archived hits, “Private Dancer” and “Kryptonite” proved to be crowd favorites as fans sang along faithfully with Fernandes and his energetic band. Fernandes wrapped up his set with his two newest singles from his latest album Breathe Again; “Broken Wings” and “Come Back Down.” All and all, Danny’s energy on stage was nothing short of infectious. By the time Kardinal took the stage at 12:00 o’clock, the wave was ready to party.

First off let me say that Kardinal’s stage presence is in a league of its own. From the moment he stepped onto the stage at the Wave, he had the crowd in the palm of his hands. Kardi and his long time friend and hype-man, Solitair come out guns blazing, getting the crowd on their feet instantly. Kardinal shared with the crowd that he first found his love for rapping at 8 years old. His main goal for the evening was to bring the nostalgic hip-hop vibe he grew up with in the 80’s and 90’s to the fans who paid to see him that night. At 37 years of age, Kardinal has seen it all in the industry. What is most impressive about Kardinal’s stages presence is his humble demeanor while performing- his love for the art of hip hop is contagious, and Kardinal’s set welcomed the crowd into his world creating an instant connection (but don’t get it confused, Krardi’s energy on stage is unmatched).

Spending nearly all of his life performing, Kardinal’s MC’ing comes as a second nature; Him and Solitair truly know how to work a crowd up-I think I spent the majority of the show bouncing around like a mad man. Setting the tone for his set with the banger, “Wilin” classic cuts such as “Rude Boy,” “Dangerous,” and “Money Jane” were soon to follow. I gotta say this as well, Kardinal is a really funny dude. After prompting the crowd to sing the chorus for “Rude Boy,” a drunken fan yelled out that it was his birthday. Kardi and the smashed birthday boy had a five minute conversation, and basically everything that left Kardinal’s mouth had the crowd in stitches. Near the end of his set, Kardinal gave the Wave crowd an exclusive sneak peak at his newest track, “Freedom,” which is off of his latest album still in the works. Kardinal’s show at the Wave was his first set of 2014, and it had me, as well as all the fans in attendance excited to see what Mr. Offishall has coming up next.

Special thanks to the Wave for hosting the show.
Photography by Eddy Rissling.
Review by Mike Kivell.