doppelgangaz - hollax2

[Video] The Doppelgangaz – “Holla x2” (Dir. by The Doppelgangaz)

doppelgangaz - holla x2

The Doppelgangaz return with a new Gospel, straight out of Orange County, NY. “Holla x2” is the first release from their forthcoming album, Peace Kehd (out February 18th!) and the Doppel have finally dropped its visual accompaniment. I love these guys for a number of reasons: they’re completely insulated and self-dependent (completely in-house team of directors, producers and photographers), their lyrical content (clever rhymes and wordplay about the bottom-feeder, vagabond lifestyle), their production (completely self-explanatory), and their videos (loosely related to the lyrical content, more to them just fucking about).

“Holla x2” is the locus of all these points. Laid over a groovy ass beat reminiscent of the D.I.T.C., the dudes go IN, talking about homeless experiences and sexual encounters with a twisted sense of humour. The video is just pure fun and will definitely put a smile on your face (and probably make you want to go skating).