[Video] The HMC- “Cold Blooded Cypher” (Dir. Mr.X)


The Hive Mind Collective (HMC) is a crew of like minded MC’s who are looking to lay a foundation for progressive rap. The crew comes together through a very organic process. Xavier Hunt, aka Mr. X, explained to us that he first met the founder of the HMC, Daimon Miles, while at a freestyle cypher at a house party. The pair quickly found their styles complemented one another, with rhymes focusing on the consciousness of the real world, politics, historical events, and religious based raps. A week after the initial meeting, the two started working together in the studio, laying down ideas for a group project. Daimon introduced Mr. X to YS a couple weeks later while on vacation. After hearing all three of their unique styles together it seemed inevitable that they would start representing the three MC’s as a collective, with a name that gave meaning to their style, The Hive Mind Collective. Each artist brings a different element of rapping to the table, allowing each member to feed off of different perspectives, and move towards the same goal. Daimon Miles, Mr. X, Royal Blue, YS and K.Jotham make up the HMC group. Take in their Cold Blooded cypher to see the crew at work!