[Mixtape] Jyrome Good – “Ethereal”

Ethereal Jyrome Good

Jyrome Good, Jyrome Good. What can I say that hasn’t already been said.

I have been waiting for this new mixtape more impatiently than I’d like to admit, and my waiting has really paid off. As we’ve heard in his single, “Ocean 2”, Good knows how to bring the ethereal to your mind- and your ears. From Brampton, Ontario, he does it by blending spacey, zoning, haunting sounds with R&B and trap beats over his silky and at times, crooning, pained voice. Take this mixtape however you want- as Slow Jamz, as Hip-Hop, as Alternative, as Indie, as Tyrese in Space- whatever genre you try to shove it in, it won’t work. This mixtape is something new, and something desperately needed in breaking down rigid genres boundaries. There are lots of love songs on this mixtape that take swooning to a new level- this isn’t your ordinary, superficial love song. These are the kind of love songs that are so emotionally charged and heartfelt that they’ll hit you straight in the gut (I sense a very large female population coming his way). My favourites are “Another World”, “Ocean 2”, “Living Post Mind”, and the bonus track, “Daze”.

So you get the point, I really love this mixtape. Jyrome Good definitely kept his promise- he delivered a truly ethereal-sounding album. It works amazingly well for him.