[Staff Lists] The Come Up Show’s Favourite Concerts of 2013


Seeing your favourite artist(s) live in concert is truly an experience like no other. It’s the ultimate fan involvement where you (and possibly) a group of friends set out on a particular evening to catch your favourite rapper performing in your city. Whether you’ve seen numerous events or only a handful, the feelings that we get from interacting a few feet away from these individuals is undeniably exciting. Last year, The Come Up Show had the privilege of attending numerous concerts from artists including, Classified, Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Ferg, Shad, Kanye West, Method Man, SonReal, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. Now, we present to you The Come Up Show’s Favourite Concerts of 2013.

Classified w/ Kayo & Quake @ London Music Hall
March 27, 2013


“The crowd was packed at London Music Hall, and Classified didn’t disappoint. He brought a lot of energy to the performance, and he performed not only his latest material, but also all of his classics. I was also glad to see Kayo and Quake join Classified on the tour. Both of their sets were very strong, and they were able to completely win over the crowd – not always an easy task when you’re not the headlining act.” – M-Bomb

Shad @ London Music Hall
November 16, 2013

“You know it’s going to be a special night when Shad returns to London for his first performance in over two years. The last time I had seen Shad, he was performing to a packed bar crowd at Call The Office. Now, he was filling out the newly-renovated London Music Hall. To see the growth in his fan base is amazing. What I love most about Shad as a performer is his sheer joy in performing. You can tell just from looking at him that he’s loving every minute of it, and he gives that energy right back to his audience. The opening acts for Shad were also fantastic. The Nicest, Ngajuana, and Treetop Entertainment represented London well, and Vancouver’s We Are The City blew me away. Overall, a tough night to beat.” – M-Bomb

“With the anticipation, knowing on November 16th Shad would be making his way across Canada back to his hometown in London to a sold out venue, you knew it was going to be something to remember. I remember walking into the London Music Hall and seeing how packed it was thinking the exact same thing. Though when does Shad not put on a good performance? Setting the whole show off you had The Nicest, a duo of emcee’s who have been gaining a lot of momentum over the past year, they also brought up Ngauana along with Hattr to join them on stage. With Treetop bring Keno and Haviah Mighty out for guest appearances on their set, We Are The City bringing a whole different vibe to the show it was definitely already one of the best shows I’ve seen in 2013, yet the night was even over – at least that thought crossed my mind at some point that night around then. When Shad came on, you know he had to make it known; after all he was the man of the night. Walking out to a clip of Richie Blackz “London Town” song off the hook as it says “just touched down in London town” all scratched on the 1’s and 2’s, the place was at a riot as his centre stage. Going through the entire album, some oldies off his previous albums and even going acapella for a few minutes, freestyling, talking with the crowd; it was nothing less than an amazing show. I know there will be plenty more but this is one I bet everyone walked out remember that night vividly.” – Colton

“Let me say this before I go any further. I place Shad above all other artists in Hip Hop. Ever since I have been introduced to his music he has always been my favourite artist because his songs are meaningful, universal, Canadian of course but not only that; he is one of the few rappers I can actually play on the radio at home without my parents forcing me to shut it off. It was on my bucket list to see AT LEAST one Shad at that opportunity came October 15th, the night of the album release. I went with 3 other friends to a FREE show at a small venue in Toronto called “Sonic Boom”. It was also the night that Flying Colours was released which was why the show was free. This will probably go down as my favourite concert experience ever because the venue was not overcrowdemigod and before the show I got to shake Shad’s hand, take some pictures and even managed to get a quick interview with him about the album before he played on stage. It was definitely a star struck moment and I still get the biggest grin on my face every time I think of that night.” – Colosso

OVO Fest 2013 @ The Molson Amphitheatre
August 5, 2013


“Let me first say this: Drake does it for his city. Drake was full of surprises at this year’s OVO Fest held at the Molson Amphitheatre. Waiting in line over an hour exchanging my ticket due to Frank Ocean’s cancellation of the first day dampened my spirits (I missed Wale and James Blake) until after a wailing alarm at 9 pm herded the crowds from the washrooms and beer stands to open the show with “Headlines”. Unexpectedly from many fans (or maybe too predictably), Drake also squashed his beef in front of everyone by performing “Crew Love” with the Weeknd. After French Montana joined Drake for “Pop That”, Drake called on Wale to perform “Bad”, and I got my wish to see my favourite song of the year performed. Big Sean also took the stage to perform “Clique” and “All Me”. After I got kicked out of the aisle for trying to get closer, I went back to my own seat in Section 201. What transpired after that was pure magic. J Cole came out with “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Jodeci Freestyle”; Miguel paid a short visit and then came TLC, and I went 90’s nostalgia crazy on my seat against security’s warnings when they performed “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs”. It gets better. For the first time in years Diddy and Ma$e took the stage together to perform “Mo Money, Mo Problems”, “I Need a Girl”, and “I Need a Girl Part II”. Kanye West appeared to everyone’s surprise, opening with “New Slaves” and my favorite, “All of the Lights”. At this point, when I couldn’t scream any louder or sweat any more profusely, Lil’ Wayne came out to perform “HYFR”, “The Motto” and “Good Kush and Alcohol” and Drake closed the show with “No New Friends”, “Versace”, and lastly, “Started from the Bottom”, ending by saying “I am Drake” and that he will always and only do this for his city. And do it well, he did.” – Eternity

“OVO fest 2013 was nothing short of spectacular. It was my first time attending the annual event and I’m really glad I did. The sold-out show featured special guest appearances by Kanye West, J. Cole, Miguel, Big Sean, P.Diddy, Mase, TLC, Weeknd, Lil Wayne and more. Surrounded by thousands of Hip-Hop fans that night, it was hard to imagine the events that unfolded in front of our eyes. What more could you ask for during ONE concert?” – mlav

Would You Like A Tour? @ The Air Canada Centre
October 24, 2013


“Following the release of his third studio album, Drake announced his extensive Would You Like A Tour? concert tour. Held at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, it was also the day of Drake’s 24th Birthday. Artists also joining him that night included Future, Miguel, Jhene Aiko, and PARTYNEXTDOOR. As always, Drake exceeded my expectations, making my experience an extraordinary one. The moment Drake walked onto that platform, raising him into the rafters, is something I’ll never forget.” – mlav

Under The Influence Of Music Tour @ The Molson Amphitheatre
August 10, 2013

“The second annual Under the Influence tour made it’s way to Toronto this past summer featuring Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Trinidad James, B.o.B. and more. Engaging from the start, the entire concert was a spectacular experience as I watched from the front row at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. It was my second opportunity to see this tour and I’m more than excited for next summer.” – mlav

The Weeknd – Kiss Land Tour @ Massey Hall
October 17, 2013

“Hitting the road in support of his new album released last year, I had the chance to see The Weeknd perform live for the very first time (I know…) as part of his “Kiss Land” tour. Having heard good things about Abel’s live performances, it was exciting to witness him on stage. Held at the Massey Hall in Toronto, the atmosphere during his show was unbelievable. That night, it was evident that The Weeknd has built an incredible following as loyal fans showed their support throughout the entire evening.” – mlav

Chance the Rapper @ The Hoxton
July 22, 2013

“After watching him open up for Childish Gambino in 2012, I knew that I had to see this again. I never understood fan loyalty until I attended this concert. It was apparent that everyone there has a deep admiration for Chance, so deep in fact that you could feel the excitement around the whole venue from the moment you stepped in. Chance knows how to grasp an audience, engage them and ensure they have a great time. This was definitely a concert I’m glad I attended and I would strongly recommend seeing Chance in concert next time he’s in your town, you won’t regret it.” – Hayatt

Method Man & Redman – Sound Academy
June 19, 2013

“This wasn’t just a concert; this was a reunion for Method Man and Redman, full of great music and comedy. Of all the concerts I attended in 2013, I have to say this was the one I had the greatest time at! Throughout the whole concert the two took turns jumping into the audience and enjoying the moment with their fans. First hearing that they were making their way to Toronto with their “How High” tour I was shocked because I didn’t think this would ever happen again. The show was phenomenal and was entertaining right from the beginning to the very end. From the ‘90s classics to the tribute to the Wu-Tang these two showed Toronto how two homies from NYC emcee.” – Hayatt

ASAP Ferg – The Opera House
December 11, 2013

“You have to love New York City. It’s the home to some great rap emcees. They know how to really take over a stage and move their audiences. ASAP Ferg is one of those emcees! Being in the audience and watching this guy, this masked Toronto Maple Leaf wearing rapper, perform for an audience like it was one for his own city, one word AMAZING! Words can’t describe how much energy continued to erupt from every one of us dedicated fans that night. This show is definitely going to be one concert I will remember for the rest of my life. So New York, I thank you!” – Hayatt

Larry Fisherman Tour ft Mac Miller, The Closers, The Come Up @ UWO (London)
January 10, 2013

This was my second time ever seeing Mac Miller live in concert, the first time was in 2010 when he was part of the Smokers Club Tour. What an improvement I noticed in just a few years, mind you that Mac Miller had built up a formidable catalogue of of hits in 2013 compared to his first show in Canada. The Larry Fisherman tour featured The Come Up Boys and The Closers which are Rich Kidd and SonReal. The tour was specifically for the Universities and it was frosh week of second semester and Mac Miller sold out within a few hours, that’s over 1000 tickets by the way. The show is clearly ingrained in my mind because of how energy Mac put into his show literally almost 2 hours he went in, I remember even though the space is huge at the mustang lounge that it got really hot. Every single person lost themselves in the music, the moment, his performance and it was really a magical evening. Mac Miller went to sell out every school in that tour and he hasn’t looked back ever since.” – Chedo

The Come Up Show’s 6th Year Anniversary Concert w/ Elaquent, Jaztoh, Treetop, Jay Downz and Bill Beamin’ @ Black Shire Pub
April 19, 2013

Imagine a house party with the dopest music, people, and vibes, that’s what this show was like at the Blackshire Pub on April 19th 2013. It was the sixth year anniversary of The Come Up Show I couldn’t have asked for more with talent like Elaquent, Jaztoh, Treetop, Jay Downz and Bill Beamin rocking the stage. The acts had an amazing time, the people felt like they were part of a magical evening and we could feel it in our bones. Thanks to everyone who came out and special shout out to Dairy Queen for the bomb Ice Cream Cake.” – Chedo

SonReal with Branded Moore & Exit Only, The Nicest and The Heavy Heavies @ Rum Runners
December 6, 2013.

“I’ve seen SonReal perform three times throughout 2013 – well the end of 2012, than January opening for Mac Miller and his headlining show at Rum Runners. Being the first time he has headlined his own show, it was cool be be out and experience that. SonReal had a crazy year in 2013 – crazy in a good way – so it was almost like a celebration. Something to cap off the year. The Heavy Heavies and The Nicest opened up and had the place going off the jump, SonReal taking both opening acts in hit the stage afterwards, going through various tracks as well as some new ones and I would say following the first song everyone was rapping along, SonReal even throwing out some phrases for people to say whenever he said certain words. It was a fun show, being a smaller venue and going to a ton of small venue shows in 2013, it was without a doubt one of the best of the year.” – Colton

Kendrick Lamar @ Sound Academy
August 2, 2013

“Let me just say this quickly, Kendrick made his way in to my top ten favourite artist’s off one listen of Section80, with the repeat button jammed on; so seeing him live in Toronto at Sound Academy on August 2nd was something I wasn’t missing. After a bit of a hassle filled morning with transportation, even calls of a four hour journey because of highway delays due to Caribana, I finally made it downtown Toronto. Getting to the venue, standing in line in a massive downpour of rain, literally drenched, I finally made it in. My first time being at the venue I walked around a bit while the DJ did his set, standing at the side watching Tre Mission and Earl Sweatshirt perform – two artists I hadn’t taken in at the time, they definitely got my attention that night. The place was going crazy. In between sets, DJ Taco who I would say is one of the best performance DJ’s I’ve yet to witness had Toronto going nuts! When you play Drake’s “Versace” verse five times in a row at a sold out show and have that place jumping up and down to it, you’re doing something right. When the lights dimmed, the building went dead silent, Kendrick walked out with his hoody on, strings pulled, analyzed the crowd for a second and went in. Going through some tracks off Section80, his singles off Goodkid MAddCity – well damn near the whole album, about 4000 people were chanting the verses so loud at times you could barely hear Kendrick, but that made it epic. Being upfront, I got a good view of the whole scene front to back, never being at a Toronto show that full before, seeing one of the biggest artists of 2013, it was all around by far the best of the year. Every single person who was at the show was soaked from the rain, though not one person cared once Kendrick hit the stage.” – Colton

Maestro’s “Symphony In Effect” 20th Anniversary @ Massey Hall
September 21, 2013

With Maestro dropping an album this year that will be talked about for some time, with a ton of upcoming talent within Toronto as well as Canada, and also some legends; Orchestrated Noise made it’s way to being one of the top Canadian releases as far as hip hop goes, though it’s Maestro so what else would you expect. With him celebrating the anniversary of his first album Symphony in Effect, he took to put on a hell of a show and it certainly wasn’t your ordinary hip hop show. Set at Massey Hall downtown Toronto, a venue with arranged seating on two levels with some stand up room in the front, Maestro went through Orchestrated Noise entirely putting on a show choreographed like a play would be, but way funner. With people dressed as Canadian Mountie’s for dancers during skits and intermissions, Maestro had the whole live band playing the whole time during his performance; he brought up every single artist featured on Orchestrated Noise, from The Trews, Lights, Rich Kidd to Saukrates and King Reign and more. Jumping back and forth from song off Symphony in Effect and his latest release, Maestro made sure everyone had a good time and you could definitely tell that he was. The building, packed from side to side was the most varied show I’ve been to as far as age goes, Though Maestro’s a Canadian icon so it’s only right, his first fans to his new generation of fans. In my opinion, it being the first time seeing Maestro live as an adult was nothing less than a memorable show, and you don’t get to see too many hip hop shows like that. That being said with the celebration of his platinum selling album Symphony in Effect, and also his newest gem Orchestrated Noise, I’m sure everyone left Massey Hall grateful to be a part of the experience that night, which makes it one of the best shows of 2013.” – Colton

7th Annual Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture
September 21, 2013

“Manifesto would have to be one of my favourite concerts of 2013. Dundas Square was full of a vivacious crowd of people and plenty delicious food venues. It was the first day of the year to pull on our toques but that didn’t stop downtown from filling up for a wicked -and free- show. I would hire Thugli to DJ my party any day and I went home and downloaded music from both Sean Leon & The Freedom Writers. Souls of Mischief sparked an old flame inside me and Jhene Aiko was beautiful and talented. The manifesto dancers who preformed were incredible and we were also surprised with Toronto based artists Kardinal and Shad. What made this concert? Then venue – Dundas Square isn’t big enough! The people – it feels right when the person beside you is smiling from ear to ear while your both reciting lyrics from 93 Til’ Infinity in unison. Lastly, the talent – Toronto never ceases to amaze me.” – Jazmine

The Smokers Club Tour @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre
October 20, 2013

“My other favourite concert would have to be The Smoker’s Tour with Joey Bada$$ and Progressive Era. Even though I wish I could re-loctate that whole concert to Sound Academy. The venue was not my favourite but I was introduced to a few of artists right out of Toronto who I would recommend listening to. Dillan Ponders and Jimmy B both have more than one mixtape worthy of my itunes playlist… and yours for that matter. I was inspired when discovering The Underachievers for the first time and I quickly fell deep in love with the Brooklyn duo. Finally, I have been a Joey Bada$$ fan since his 1999 mixtape and played The Seccs Tape repeatedly.” – Jazmine

Ryan Leslie @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre
March 22, 2013


“It’s not everyday that you get to see an artist as talented as Ryan Leslie perform before your very eyes. The American record producer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and rapper put on a unique show that was unquestionably appreciated by everyone inside The Phoenix Concert Theatre. The night progressed very well with a great selection of music from both D’enforcas and the artists that took the stage. After witnessing the Harlem Shake, an engagement proposal and diversified talent, there wasn’t much that didn’t happen that night, making it that much more memorable. If you’re ever given the chance to see Ryan Leslie perform, I would highly suggest you take advantage of the opportunity to observe a musical icon.” – mlav

Fabolous & Pusha T @ Famous Nightclub
May 31, 2013


“When Fabolous and Pusha T announced that they would be hitting the road together for “The Life Is So Exciting Tour” the inner nerd in me came out. Having never seen either of them perform live, it was an opportunity I had to take advantage of – and I’m glad I did. Each artist performed classic songs, including new material as well. Fabolous’ set alone was 3 hours long, which was more than satisfying considering tickets were only only $35.00 each.” – mlav

Kanye West “Yeezus” @ Air Canada Centre
November 13, 2013


“Yeezus was easily one of the most creative concerts that I’ve ever had the privelage of attending. As if Kendrick Lamar opening wasn’t enough, Kanye really took things to a whole new level that evening. Performing in a mask for the majority of the night, Ye’s show featured dancers, an MPC and yes, even Jesus himself. Despite the 25 minute rant, I truly enjoyed myself throughout the night and even bought some Yeezus merchandise.” – mlav