[Video] Charley Moon – “Billion $ Regime” (Dir: Charley Moon and Laz Vagez)

Charley Moon Billion Regime

Charley Moon’s new video for his track, “Billion $ Regime” (Rich in Spirit) is both simplistic and yet powerful. Contrasting present day with black and white images of war, oppression, racism, brutality, and even images of a younger Nelson Mandela, Charley Moon compliments the track’s own message. “Billion $ Regime” is about the capitalization of struggling, poor decisions, consumerism and the way in which money turns us away from love and life. What he is trying to get at is that money is merely an illusion; and while he may not be rich with money, he knows he is rich in spirit.

I really like the end of the track, when Charley Moon uses the audio from a journalist’s interview with Bob Marley about the importance of money, showing the huge contrasts in opinion about what money really means:

“How much is a lot of money to you?”
“That’s a good question.”
“Have you made, say, millions of dollars?”
“Are you a rich man?”
“When you mean rich, what you mean?”
“you have a lot of possessions? Lot of money in the bank?”
“Possession make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness. My richness is life, forever.”

Bam! A beautiful ending to the track.

Charley Moon will be releasing his new album AOE in the near future.