[Video] Danny Brown – “Dope Song” (Dir: Rusty)

Danny Brown turns up to freakishly high levels for his latest video, “Dope Song.” On this track Danny puts emcees (himself included) in check for recycling the cliche “dealer turned rapper” story line over and over again.“I’m sick of all these n**gas and their ten year old stories / You ain’t doin’ that no more, n**ga lying to the shawty.” Rather than glorifying the hustle, Danny takes an opportunity to wrap up that chapter of his life, claiming that “Dope Song,” is actually his last song about selling dope. We’ll See if Danny holds on to that statement down the road. Either way,Danny Brown always comes with a lot of energy and creativity on his tracks, take “Dope Song” in, and enjoy that madness that is Danny Brown.