[Podcast] Shad talks high school memories, success and failure, and believing in oneself

Shad Interview Podcast on The Come Up Show

Allow us to introduce you to the latest addition to The Come Up Show’s offerings: The Come Up Show Podcast. Every two weeks, we’re bringing you new, in-depths interviews with all of your favourite artists. We know you’re busy and often on the go, so now you can enjoy The Come Up Show’s interviews wherever you are. To get things started, we’re going back to some of our favourite interviews from the past. To kick off our inaugural podcast, it’s only right that we do it with London’s own Shad.

We open things up by digging into Shad’s London roots, including the first show he ever played, as well as which Outkast album changed his life as a teenager. Being a basketball fanatic, Shad tells us which NBA player his hoops game most resembles — hint: former Toronto Raptor — and reminisces on his greatest high school basketball memory.

We talk about the duality of success and failure, and how “we only feel better when we feel like we’re better than.” He also opens up on how one of the themes of Flying Colours, that trying is worth it even if you fail, came to be a definition of faith for him.

On fighting fear and pride — as Shad raps in “Remember To Remember” — the London-raised emcee says, “I think there’s probably other evils in the world, but if I could identify possibly the two biggest – or at least two of the biggest – I’d say they’re fear and pride. I think those are two of the biggest evils, two of the biggest hindrances, and to me, a lot of the main task in life is just overcoming those.”

Shad also digs into a number of other interesting lyrics off the album, including this one from “Thank You”: “A proud man that’s maneuvered through hardships/ They’ll say you can’t, you can do it regardless.” He says, “I think there are certain things you might have the potential to do, and you might be the only one that knows that, and that’s the thing you have to believe in. It’s really in you, and it’s there for a reason.”

We talk about all of that and a whole lot more in the podcast. Listen to the interview below (or if reading’s your thing, check it out here).

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