[Mixtape] Cullen Flynn – “Winding Roads”

cullen flynn diamond in the rough

Cullen Flynn’s mixtape Winding Road speaks some real truth. In the first track, “The Days”, Flynn’s already talking about turmoil between family members, a brother’s illness, being a father, and using anger as a fuel for music. Other tracks address failed relationships such as “So Long”, using samples of “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye, the heart-wrenching story of a struggling girl in “Beautiful Disaster” and the need to live righteously and compassionately in “Bob Saget”. Flynn’s single “Diamond in the Rough” is definitely a highlight of the mixtape, where he spits verses about struggling not just to better his life, but the life of his daughter. My favourite tracks on the album are “Stay With Me”, “So Long” and “Back At It”. This is an inspiring project from Flynn; he spares no details of his life and experiences, and speaks directly from the heart, making Winding Roads a relatable mix tape for everyone.