[Audio] YG Ft. Lil’ Wayne, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj & Rich Homie Quan – “My Niggaz” (Remix) (Prod: Dj Mustard)

My Niggas YG, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj

Hot track alert! Stop whatever you’re doing and take a listen to YG’s remix of “My Niggas”, featuring the all-star heavyweight champions (and championess) of rap alongside a zany beat with ear-blowing bass. The track is all about loyalty, with each artist showing off their own ideas about what it means to them through air-tight verses. As usual, Lil’ Wayne impresses us by going beyond comprehension (my favourite line: “I be laughing to the bank like the f****** money tickle”), and Meek Mill brings the energy in his verse (“I done spent a million dollars on my mother******* niggas/You can catch me out Chicago with them mother******* hittas”).

But, Nicki Minaj steals the show all the way! Halfway through her verse, she spits some crazy lines, alongside some absurd word-play: “I ride for my b******/I’m so fuckin’ rich I cop rides for my b******/Dollar menu fries apple pies other b******/I drop a freestyle and get a rise outta b******”. You know this is gonna be a heavy-hitter. YG’s My Krazy Life drops March 18. Take a listen below and tell me what you think.