[EP] Young Flama – “Hopes & Dreams”

Lyrical Message Young Flama

14 year-old rapper Young Flama has released his new EP “Hopes & Dreams” after releasing his single “Lyrical Message”, and again, I am thoroughly impressed. I know what you’re thinking- 14 years-old?! Yes, and it sounds as though he has been making music longer than his time on earth. From Australia, Young Flama has beautifully crafted a 12 track EP with some real gems. With many songs about human corruption, inequality, and even some well-backed up boasting about his age, each track addresses interconnecting issues. “Over the Breaks” is about how Flama’s confidence and determination brought him success; “Stand Tall” is beautiful track about imperfection, the consequences of bad decisions, crime, and poverty; “All I Need” is about working hard to fulfill dreams over a life of crime.

I have to mention that Young Flama really kills it on “War (towards Hip-Hop)” over Drake’s “5 A.M. In Toronto” as well as “Satan’s Enemy” over Drake’s “Paris Morton Music”. Not only does he address real issues on this EP, he does it with a distinct sound and extraordinary passion.

I dub Young Flama the youngest humanitarian rapper on The Come Up Show, and with good reason. Take a listen below and witness a miracle.