[Mixtape] Xali – “American House Slave”

Xali American House Slave

Xali, 21, from Bronx, New-York has released his mixtape, American House Slave and it’s dense with raw energy, original flows and even more original beats. Xali boasts an distinct, raspy sound, and directs his rhymes towards real content while addressing real issues. Speaking of rhymes, they flow seamlessly and poetically, with experiences of survival, finding real meaning in Hip-Hop, pain, love, and inspiration. What I really like about this 20-track mixtape is how each song feels like a different chapter of Xali’s life and creativity. After listening to each track, I feel like I lived an entire life- or at least, heard one. Some of my favourite tracks on American House Slave include, “Design”, “Marijuana Times”, “Nat.Turner 1”, “Nat.Turner 2”, “New.Jerusalem”, and “Back.Door”. Xali experiments with sounds, throwing in dozens of sample tracks and new sounds that offset the effortlessness of his rhymes. I can say with confidence that Xali is onto something new- he’s carved his own space in the Hip-Hop world, and I’m expecting more great projects from him in the near future.