[Audio] YG ft. Game & Drake – “Who Do You Love” (Prod: DJ Mustard)

YG ft. Drake who do you love

Here’s another new track from YG, whose been on a role collaborating with the all-star Hip-Hop artists lately. With another rudimentary, bouncy party track from DJ Mustard, I guarantee this will be a big one in clubs everywhere. Drake kills it while taking the opportunity to brag about his stardom and as usual, ending on a humorous note: “And my name too big/and my gang too big/ Young Money sh**/me and Lil’ Wayne too big/ Imma crush that a** even if it ain’t too big/I would pinky-swear but my pinky ring too big”. The Game also delivers; my favourite lines come at the beginning of his verse: “I’m the n**** with the crown on his head/Cross me and my city, I put the town on your head”. This track is so catchy that you’ll be walking around singing, “B****, who do you love?” all day.

This track will be on YG’s upcoming album My Krazy Life, dropping March 18th.