[Audio] Elcee – “Thought You Knew” (Prod: Crown Jones)

Thought You Knew Elcee

LaShawn Powell, also known as Elcee from Toronto, Canada has released his new track “Thought You Knew” as part of SoundCloudSundays which features and is produced by Crown Jones, who worked on Elcee’s self-titled project Write To, Write Til’. Does the instrumental sound familiar? For those of you know don’t know (or do know but would rather not admit it), it’s a sample from the T.V. soap The Young & The Restless‘s theme, Nadia’s Song. I really like this track and the unfamiliarity of it- we don’t expect the instrumental, the beats, and the rhymes to go together, making this track a new kind of listening experience, once I can definitely appreciate.

Elcee releases his new project, LeoSoul on July 23rd.