[Audio] Elcee – “For My City” (Prod: Nick Rio)

Elcee For My City

Here’s a Toronto anthem by Elcee, who proudly lets us know that he’s got his city’s back. While not born in Toronto, Elcee was raised there (he was born in Nova Scotia), and as a thanks he represents Toronto in this new track. “For My City” is slow-paced and laid-back, the kind of track you’d lift your lighter for, or just nod in appreciation. Elcee dismisses notions that Canadian rappers are less successful than Americans, which is an issue I’m happy he brings up. His patriotism and love of his city shines through the track, and I especially love his line: “I got the heart of a Leo/So when they ask me my status/Scotia born, Ontario raised/B**** check the atlas”. Definitely bringing Toronto and Ontario up on the map for people who know nothing about them (I still don’t get how people don’t know about Toronto!)

Elcee releases his new project, LeoSoul on July 23rd.