[Audio] Blood Orange ft. Talen Ted and WriteGroove – “Chosen” (Remix) (Prod: Talen Ted)

Talen Ted Chosen Remix

This is an absolutely beautiful remix from Talen Ted, who, alongside WriteGroove, rhyme over Blood Orange’s track “Chosen”. The original version is already amazing, magical and serene, but adding a layer of rap makes this track sound like a gorgeous medley of unorthodox sounds. The rhymes are smooth and calming; what I love about the rap verses is that they don’t interrupt or overpower the instrumentals. Talen Ted and WriteGroove’s remix is about a liking a girl but at the same time, her attitude and behaviour make it hard to feel strongly about her: “Even though you’ve got class and a bit of a**/Your attitude can be bitter and I wanna pass”. The wordplay throughout their verses is pieced together perfectly and poetically. This track is reminiscent of an 80s or early 90s pop song combined with today’s Indie music. There’s also an awesome saxophone playing throughout the track that really makes me feel nostalgic.