It’s about time you heard of bizZarh, 2 extremely talented young singers based in Toronto. The Dot is proving itself to be a veritable hot-bed of innovative talent, reaching a point where it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the incredible acts coming up. BizZarh are no different. With last year’s “Trans Phat” (produced by fellow Toronto native HARRISON) being a low-key hit, I was honestly a little surprised that these girls didn’t immediately blow up. But the Hype Machine is a complex organism and we must respect the progress of baby steps until bizZarh properly get their due. Until then, they leave us with gorgeous jams like “Pangaea”.

It’s quite obvious that 90s revivalism is in full swing here, with the lazy swing of the drums and the Dilla-esque RnB synths propelling the track forward. It’s 90s slow-jam meets 2010s neo-psychedelia, as the voices wrap around the beat in a hypnotic and temporary trance-inducing fashion. In other words, the tune slaps. Listen below.