[Video] Locksmith – “Lies” (Dir: Iroc Daniels)

Locksmith - Lies

A Thousand Cuts has got to hurry! The anticipation is at an all time high. Over a Braden Blair produced break beat, Locksmith gives us that raw and uncut flow we all love. Speaking on how he is slept on, the thoughts he has about certain aspects of the industry from his point of view and more, this video for “Lies” keeps it simple, in the streets where it all started at. How could you not embrace talent like this? Check out Locksmith’s latest teaser from A Thousand Cuts after a quote from the track.

“They say Lock these dude’s listen to raw, switch positions and score. Got some money now they’re dissing their core. I tell em’ listen it’s more. Money and fame don’t change n*****, it magnifies what existed before”