[Audio] T.I. – “I Aint Goin” (Prod: Jazzfeezy & Steve Samson)


As you may know The Come Up Show was first a radio show and its purpose was to give up and coming musicians a platform for their talent. Over 3 years ago producer Jazzfeezy made a three hour trip from Barrie to London to promote his compilation album Unveiling the Rapture. I’ll never forget that interview because Jazzfeezy brought a box of his albums which I still have to this day. He’s come a long way working with multi-platinum producer Boi-1da and is building up his production company.

I’m proud to premiere “I Ain’t Goin” the latest from T.I. co-produced with Steve Samson. Take in the song below and let me know what you think. I asked Jazz to also include a short excerpt below so you can get familiar make sure to follow him on twitter and check out our video interview we did in 2010 to find about all about him.

As I told you before and shall say again, The Come Up Show you gave me my first break and this is why I will forever be loyal and give you the scoop first!

I have been in contact with T.I’s DJ (DJ MLK). We have had a relation since about last year when I just hit him up to show music. Since then he has been helping me work with T.I. for his upcoming project. Right now I got like 7 records I’ve done with him. Just awaiting confirmation on which ones made it to his album.

Last year I took the year to find various producers in different genres and put together my production and publishing companies. So now when dealing with the majors I have expanded my horizon in production and look forward to changing the landscape of the next break out producers from Canada. Post T.I. album I am working with MLK on his debut album and looking to extend and establish the brand of Jazzfeezy.