[Audio] Quake Matthews ft. Neon Dreams – “Angel”


Quake Matthews must be in the midst of working on something to drop this year; just releasing a brand new single “Angel” featuring Neon Dreams, which also got a MuchFACT grant so hopefully we’ll get to see the video sometime soon. This is one you want to turn up, a perfect blend of hip hop and electronic music goes down on this song. Quake let’s out some of his inner aggression, looking for some peace of mind while the sounds of Neon Dreams provide an uplifting feeling. In the end, I think Quake finds what he’s looking for. One reason his music easily captures you is because of how upfront and real he prove’s to be no matter the topic spoken, and that is what makes “Angel” a great song. Take a listen below, check out Corrado (Quake Matthew’s most recent release) and see what I mean.