[Interview] Bas talks learning from J. Cole, making his dreams a reality, and why it’s his last winter

J.Cole What Dreams May Come Tour 2014 @ London Music Hall

We caught up with Dreamville’s Bas on the Canadian leg of J. Cole’s What Dreams May Come Tour. A lot of love was shown and we sat down for nearly half an hour to talk about his steadily-rising path to success, including what he’s learned from being on the road with J. Cole, how he’s been able to turn his dreams into a reality, and why it’s his last winter.

On learning from J. Cole:

“I’m learning the value of songs that a whole crowd of people can sing, and the nuances that you have to include in a song to get those effects from people. It’s hard to learn that when you’re not at a live show every night. You learn the moments that work, like, alright, I’ll build it up, and then, boom, this is for the crowd to sing. All of those things I learned on the road.”

“Just to sit back and watch people that have done this for a decade plus, some things you just can’t learn without time – you know, the whole 10,000 hour theory. I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface of that, as far as my own shit […] And to be around people that are actually have and to soak in all that knowledge is priceless.”

On making his dreams a reality:

“I think there’s incredible power in knowing what you want, writing it down, and saying it out loud. I just feel like if you put that energy into the universe, it’ll find a way to make it back to you.”

On why it’s his last winter:

“I feel like all the work we’ve put in these past years is culminating in this moment, and for me and a lot of the homies in my circle – and really Dreamville in general, once people know what we’re up to; we haven’t really let people know – but I think across the board, it’s the last winter for a lot of us. We’re gonna change our lives, you know? It’s for all of us at this point.”

We talk about all of that and lots more. Watch the interview below.