[Review] A Tribe Called Red @ Hideaway Records & Bar (London)

A Tribe Called Red

Bringing their Electric Pow Wow parties across Canada and beyond, A Tribe Called Red treated London party goers to an electrifying set this past Thursday at Hideaway Records & Bar.Whenever a live act comes through to Hideaway Records, the building is always packed, and this night would prove to be no different.

Fans began showing up as soon as the doors opened, anticipating the party experience that is, Electric Pow Wow. Since 2010 the group – made up of two-time Canadian DMC Champion DJ Shub, DJ NDN and DJ Bear Witness – has been mixing traditional pow wow vocals and drumming with cutting-edge electronic music, creating a unique sound which now has legions of fans hooked. Personally, I’ve never seen the Tribe live, but literally everyone I talked to at the show had seen them perform multiple times, and informed me that if the Tribe is ever in their area, they will be in attendance without a doubt.

a tribe called red

Early in their set ATCR played some of their more recognizable songs, such as “Red Skin Girl” and also brought other great mixes of popular singles like Kanye West’s “Stronger,” fused with an electric pow wow edge. Though each song that the Tribe played kept the party going, I was a bit confused as to which direction ATCR was looking to take their set. The crew has a reputation for playing innovative Electric Pow Pow music, however a lot of the songs that were being played were recognizable tracks that get heavy play at every night club. As we know, all great DJ’s will read a crowd and play the music that they feel will cater to the masses. Fans who were expecting only Eclectic Pow Wow made due with crowd pleasing EDM tracks, and thrived when ATCR broke into their signature sound.

a tribe called red

Shub and NDN showed their versatility as DJ’s by scratching live during their sets. Shub also showed off his MC’s skills as well, proving to be quite the hype man as he kept the crowd engaged with the Tribe throughout the night. The Tribe also incorporated thought provoking visuals throughout their set which ranged from old western clips, pow wow footage, and trippy cartoon animations. Midway through the Tribes set a Native Hoop Dancer took the stage, creating dynamic shapes and formations with his rings as he danced along with the rest of the party people. There is no question of showmanship on ATCR’s behalf, however the contrast between thought provoking visuals and generic EDM left me wanting more of ATCR signature sound.


As a night drew closer to an end, ATCR gave their fans an exclusive preview of new material off their next project which has yet to be given a release date. At the end of the night SHUB, Bearwitness and NDN ended their show with a bang, and dispersed into the audience to greet and mingle with the crowd, showing as much love towards their fans as they had received. This was the Tribe’s first show for their Turtle Island Tour, which wraps up May 17th in Salt Lake City. I had a great time at this show, but I’m curious to know what kind of vibe ATCR will bring to their following shows.

Let us know if you were in attendance at Hideaway Bar & Records, and if you felt that the Tribe represented to the fullest.

Review by Michael K for The Come Up Show.
Photos by Eddy Rissling for The Come Up Show.