[Audio] Adam Reverie – “Black is Beautiful”

Black is Beautiful Adam Reverie

I really appreciate Adam Reverie’s beautiful and powerful new track, “Black is Beautiful”. From Detroit, Michigan, he has recorded this track to honour Black History Month as well as the Black and Hip-Hop communities. Reverie addresses the use of derogatory names, the need to appreciate and love Black women, and how important it is to love ourselves and one another, reclaiming and believing once again that “Black is Beautiful”, especially when we are constantly in a sea of racial negativity and stereotypes. He does it in such a straight-forward and brutally honest way, as you can hear from his rhymes, and uplifts the Black community in an empowering way that I find so admirable and brave, especially when it is done through music. This is a track that should be shared not just during Black History Month, but during every month, because we need it, and because it’s true. You really have to listen to this and let me know what you think.