[Mixtape] G Man Jones – “A Day Or Three”

G Man Jones - A Day Or Three

Kitchener-Waterloo’s G Man Jones just dropped his latest offering, the 10-track A Day Or Three mixtape. The beat selection on here is pretty on point throughout, and Jones has responded by crafting some special tracks on this one.

A couple early favourites are “Give It Up For,” “Reunion,” and “Rock The Mic.” “Give It Up For” is an electric, party-ready anthem. “Reunion” is a heartfelt look back at the past, equally nostalgic about the good times and regretful about how things have changed. “Not To Dream” is pretty cool, too: Jones delivers a poignant spoken word piece over a somber guitar lick, one of the more compelling beats off the mixtape. The mixtape closes with a banger in “Rock The Mic,” easily the most headbang-inducing track of all — something Jones has showed his skill for in the past with “Watch The Funk.”

There’s still room for growth in Jones’ delivery and songwriting, but what’s encouraging is that he’s consistently improved from project to project, and when he does strike gold, it makes for some pretty good music. Stream A Day or Three below and download it here.