[Album] Slur – “Writing Home About Nothing”

Slur - Writing Home About Nothing

After getting put on to this one a little bit late after having a brief conversation with Toronto recording artist Slur, the only thought that comes to mind is “how did I miss this one?”. I’m glad it was brought to my attention though, because I relate to this EP way too much!

Last year, Slur (whom you may have heard on T.Y.’s 500 Autumn Nights: Side B) released a new EP called Writing Home About Nothing, an amazing compilation of seven songs which Slur put together perfectly. Speaking on things he wants to change, his opinion on certain topics while on others you find him just having fun. It’s hard to pin point a favorite song on Writing Home About Nothing because as you listen through from start to finish, each track is as unique as the last one. With a ton of Canadian artist’s on their independent grind, it’s almost impossible to not support good music such as this EP. I can’t wait to see what Slur brings to the table this year, and after hearing Writing Home About Nothing, you’ll feel the same way. Stream the whole project below and be sure to purchase the project if you’re feeling it. Let me know what you think below!

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