[Audio] Kensaye ft. Cage Lu & Artcha – “Carrot & Baton”

Kensaye Carrot & Baton

In my best attempts to pull off sounding English, this track is bloody great.

Kensaye, a French producer based in London, England, gives us his third single off his new project, Back To School, which features MC’s from around the world. This track in particular features the MC’s Cage Lu and Artcha, and in trying something a little different, Kensaye features himself on the mic as well. Everything about this track is beautifully unconventional, carefully crafted, and impressively influential. There’s a blend of different instruments, raspy french, crazy tight wordplay, and an enchanted feel to the track that all combine to make it one thing: magical. Kensaye brings us the new hybrid genre of Hip-Hop that is unashamedly untraditional and absolutely mind-blowing. Witness the unconventional for yourself below.