[Video] Young Stunna ft. Casper – “Hurt” (Dir: Tyler O’Brien)


This is one song that probably makes me the most emotional, though it’s good that these two were able to get this off their chest. I think it’s one song that will resonate with a lot of people that have gone through a similar experience.

London, Ontario artist Young Stunna teamed up with Casper a while back to create “Hurt”, an emotional song where both of them speak on losing someone very close to them in their lives. Both of them being such inspirational artist’s, it was good to see them come together for this one. I think what came of them linking up created a timeless song and helped them relieve a bit of stress getting these feelings out. I don’t want to touch on it too much, though this is definitely one that people should appreciate, there isn’t a ton of music out there that can draw emotion out of the listener like this one. Watch the video for “Hurt” by Young Stunna featuring Casper below and let them know your thoughts below.