[Audio] Ricky Blaze ft. Chelley – “Take Ya Money” (Prod: Ricky Blaze)

Ricky Blaze Take Ya Money

Producer Ricky Blaze is back with a dope new track titled, “Take Ya Money” featuring Chelley. This is definitely going to be a revenge anthem for women this summer, with Chelley taking over this track by simply just being a boss. She rhymes about her emotionless attachment to men, using them for money, and her own fabulousness. And you can’t hate on that- all she’s doing is reversing some gendered behaviour while at the same time, playing into the stereotype of “Gold Digger” that is constantly thrown at women. So why not sing about it? The track has a bouncy, dancehall vibe with a whistle blowing throughout. Chelley lends her voice to singing as well as rhyming, showing off her talents not just for, as she declares, spending men’s money, but as a wonderful, sassy artist.