[Audio] Tru-Paz – “Cry” (Prod: Dj Unknown)

Tru-Paz Cry

Here is the beautiful new single from Toronto’s Tru-Paz, titled, “Cry” from the album Tru to the game without a Pause. This track is about loss- whether it be about losing or missing someone through a break-up, distance, or a fight, as well as losing out on something. Jakie Lu’s sultry voice sings the chorus, and you can sense her own loss throughout the track:“You didn’t mean to make me cry/But you made me cry/When you say goodbye”.

Tru-Paz has been together for 10 years, and is made up of 3 men, Akim, Boozie, and Dj Unknown, and 1 woman, Lu, who joined after the crew formed some time later. Together, Tru-Paz has put out 3 albums, won several awards and nominations, including the 2008 MMVA video award nomination for Best Rap Video, and has been in numerous magazines and media websites.

This track embodies a certain depth and emotion; it’s real music, that’s for sure. It adds a personal touch, including becoming a parent, struggling towards success, the aftermath and pain of a damaged relationship, as well as loyalty, and loss. Take a listen below- and try not to cry.