[Audio] Left Lane Skrilla – “Come & Go” (Prod: Left Lane Skrilla)

Pray For Me Left Lane Skrilla

Left Lane Skrilla is a 21 year-old Baltimore native and an upcoming artist and producer. His new track, “Come & Go” is off his first upcoming project, Pray4Me. There’s something about this track that I love; Skrilla’s wordplay and voice are smooth and soulful, which is ironic, considering the subject matter is about money, a little bit of violence, and struggling for success. The beat sucks you into a dreamy trance; combined with Skrilla’s voice, this track is deep and the beats are on point- I could listen to it all day. Unlike many artists who tackle similar subject matter, Skrilla’s chill, slow-talking, almost sultry approach is refreshing; he still drives in his point, but it comes across on a deeper level as if he’s personally reaching out to you in the track. Left Lane Skrilla has shown us that he’s a great artist and producer, and I’m looking forward to his new project being just as amazing as this track.