[Audio] Adam Reverie – “Black Boy Out In Poverty” (Prod: Stereo Symphony)

adam reverie black boy in poverty

I bring you, once again, the poetic, outspoken, and talented Adam Reverie who really brings a whole new meaning to “real Hip-Hop”. In this track, Reverie tackles the barriers, discrimination, and obstacles that Black men face financially, in the music industry, and in society. Reverie makes some extremely (and I can’t stress this enough) powerful statements in this track, especially in regards to the music industry and society’s attempts to maintain a specific stereotype about Black men: “Black boy out in poverty/Understand that the industry’s plan/Is to use your mind/To kill us one at a time/All they want is/You to dumb it down/Make a profit and rape the culture”, as well as the media’s influence on these stereotypes: “If I had the guns to kill the media, I’d shoot them down…/Give me another round”.

Finally, Reverie addresses the mainstream media directly, putting his words into an action plan that is pro-active and revolutionary: “They feed us this music/That cause us destruction/And all that I hear is excuses/But I’m coming for all y’all/And when I get there you’ll know/Cuz I’ll up lift my folks/And I ain’t playin/You got me hot /Tell Pac and Big don’t worry/Might be small/But I do got courage/I’m talking to my people/We can take it a little deeper/And to the mainstream/Cant wait until I meet ya” .

The energy that Adam Reverie puts out is incredible, and you can hear how passionate he is about his music, and societal change, especially when it comes to racial discrimination. He uses music and the industry as a way to bring about a new kind of way of thinking about race, and people in general, and I look forward to his takedown of the mainstream media- I know he’s a man of his word.