Khimera About Her

This hot new track by Khimera is a Valentine’s Day ode to the special women in their lives. Over the soulful instrumental are Monty C. Benjamin, Erik Barnum and ProFound, each giving us a unique and touching verse to a special lady. While Valentine’s Day has passed, this track is a beautiful dedication to women, regardless of the day. Furthermore, its relatable and even better, it shows these artists’ softer sides which is always a bonus! The track includes rhymes on helping their women reach their dreams, wanting to be the perfect guy, crushing on a girl, getting to know her better, and showering her with compliments. How sweet! “About Her” is definitely on replay for me, it’s a refreshing break from the constant objectification of women in music and as it turns out, music can still be great without it! Take a listen below and tell me what you think.