[Audio] Lupe Fiasco & Ab-Soul – “Thorns & Horns” (Prod: Floss & Fame)


I gotta be honest. I used to be a huge Lupe fan back in the day but I kinda wrote him off after “The Cool”. Years passed and my music library expanded, burying all my favourite Lupe songs so while this recent activity doesn’t indicate a “comeback”, it certainly feels that way to me. It’s still early 2014 and Lupe has released a couple bangers already (“Thot 97” and “$nitches”), all part of generating interest for his new album, “Tetsuo & Youth”. A few minutes ago, Lupe (or,  according to the watermark, Ab-Soul) was kind enough to drop “Thorns & Horns”, a truly collaborative effort between the 2 wordsmiths. I’m happy that Ab-Soul didn’t phone-in a verse for this as it’s truly remarkable to hear them both go back & forth on the 3rd verse. Peep below.