[Album] Flex The Antihero – “SALEM”

The Come Up Show Podcast (March 1, 2014)

The wait is over! From “Big Dreams”, “Medicated” to “The Wicked” you were slowly introduced to Flex The Antihero’s latest project SALEM leading up to today. If you read the review yesterday, you got a glimpse at how phenomenal SALEM is front to back. Now that it’s finally out you can easily see why. With M Mac and Emerson Brooks handling most of the production besides two tracks from Metcalfe and BatmanOnTheBeatz, there’s no question Flex and everyone involved put their all into SALEM. Flex recruits DillanPonders, ANTHM, Allan Rayman, D-Sisive and Emerson Brooks, keeping the features to a minimum.

Records that stand out on SALEM are one’s like “The Wicked”, “Build and Destroy”, “Big Dreams”, “War”, “All I Knew”, “Rolling Dice” and “The Great Escape” though those are just my personal favorites, the whole project is dope. The album being an ode to where Flex grew up and how he’s moved on from there, SALEM is one everyone can relate to in a way if you’re out chasing your dreams. Stream and download Flex The Antihero’s latest gem SALEM after a little write up from Flex about the album.

“SALEM is just an exit in Ajax where I previously lived before (I’ve been in Toronto for a minute now). A lot of the topics I found on the album had to deal with what I was surrounded by and what inspired my way of thinking. It was just a stretch that takes you from one end to the other. The trees on the cover symbolize the fields that are on the one side as you drive and also symbolic of a lot of the darkness I was in when working on this project.”

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